Updated_1-14-16-1-950028-edited.jpg           i-spy-the-c.i.™  Indicator Holder
                                                                               i-spy-the-c.i.™ secures chemical indicators in a highly-visible location inside your sets.

count-me-out®  Count Sheet Holder System

count-me-out®  keeps hazardous ink and foreign particles out of your surgical instrument sets.  Available for both rigid containers and wrapped sets.


spare-a-tear® Wrap Protectors for Steam Sterilization

The spare-a-tear® wrap protector is your solution to tears and punctures in your sterilization wrap.  Simply place under each corner of your surgical set - between the tray and the wrap - for protection through sterilization, transport and storage.


plasma-tazz®(patented) Pouches & Tray Liners for STERRAD® and V-PRO®

plasma-tazz® tray liners and pouches for STERRAD® and V-PRO® reduce costly repairs and replacement of your delicate instruments and devices.  Available in various sizes, plasma-tazz® makes protection easy.


fold-n-hold® Instrument Pouches for Steam Sterilization

The fold-n-hold® instrument pouches provide superior protection and organization for your valuable instruments and devices, while keeping you in compliance with the AAMI standard against the use of peel packs inside surgical instrument sets.  Available in several sizes to meet your needs.


steam-n-lene® (patented)  Cart and Tray Liners for Steam Sterilization

The steam-n-lene® liners are compliant with the AAMI standard that requires non-linting packaging material.  These products are made from an absorbent lint-free foam material and are available in various sizes as cart liners, tray liners and basin dividers.


laryngo-sheat9-11-18 Photo Shoot 2-218715-edited  laryngoscope blade and handle protective covers

The laryngo-sheath® covers and protects your laryngoscope blades and handles from cross contamination AND allows you to check your light for funcitonality without removing them.  Complies with The Joint Commission Standard  (CDC, HICPAC).