Indicator Holder

i-spy-the-c.i.™ secures chemical indicators in a highly-visible location inside your instrument sets, making it easier for the operating room to locate the C.I. and confirm that sterilization requirements were met.

  • Reduces department tension and rework over "missing" indicators
  • One-size-fits-all indicator types
  • Helps prevent indicator from slipping under instruments or flipping upside down
  • Material compatible with STEAM, STERRAD® or V-PRO®
  • For use inside sterilization packages: wrapped sets, ridgid containers and peel packs
  • Provides a consistent indicator placement method that SPD and the OR can trust
  • May reduce number of indicators used, saving money

instructions for use available upon request.  (800)548-1004 or (704)225-9500


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 Missing Chemical Indicators:  Who's at fault?  How can we resolve it?


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    Secure indicators in a highly-visible location
  • Picture1.png
    Indicators can be hard to find in many different types of sets
  • IMG_4769.jpg
    Locking tabs secure your indicator
  • IMG_4742-384675-edited.jpg
    Indicators can flip over, making them hard to find and impossible to read
  • IMG_4724-328111-edited.jpg
    The OR won't miss this indicator!
  • IMG_4747-402388-edited.jpg
    Excellent for multi-layer instrument sets
  • IMG_4741-438419-edited.jpg

    Use fewer indicators in each set.

    Save Money!

  • IMG_4708.jpg

    One-size-fits-most indicators

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