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Considering Switching to Single-Use Laryngoscope Blades?    NOT SO FAST!

by Ryan Weiers

Single-use (disposable) laryngoscope blades solve some challenges and present a few others.  Consider the following before making the switch at your facility:

  1. Disposable blades increase per use cost. There’s no way around it, single-use blades and handles cost more to use than the reusable blades you currently have.

  2. Most anesthesiologists, CRNA’s, ED staff and respiratory nurses agree that reusable blades and handles are superior. Reusable blades are built to last and with that comes a quality that can’t be matched by tools manufactured with a single-use price tag.

  3. Balance infection control with environmental waste. Your central sterilization professionals are trained to clean and sterilize instruments that are a lot more sensitive to patient health than a laryngoscope. Trust them! Also trust that unnecessarily depleting valuable raw materials and burying them in our planet is not something you’ll be proud of.

  4. There are other compliance options for the CDC and The Joint Commission requirement to keep blades covered, and some of them work very well. Research them and try them out.

  5. Google “Single-Use Laryngoscope Blades”. You have to scroll down a long way, like to the third or fourth page, to find anything NOT written or influenced by someone who sells disposable blades. Why do you think that is? Don’t rely on a salesman to do your research for you.

Don’t rush to convert to disposable blades and handles before carefully researching all your options.  Your nurses, your budget and your environment may appreciate the effort.

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