Laryngoscope Blade and Handle Covers

laryngo-sheath® complies with The Joint Commission (CDC, HICPAC) standard by keeping your laryngoscope blades and handles covered after reprocessing, while also allowing you to comply with laryngoscope manufacturer instructions and best practice by checking your laryngoscope functionality at regular intervals.

  • Blade covers compatible with Steam, STERRAD®, V-PRO®, STERIZONE®, VP4 and HLD
  • The Joint Commission Compliant
  • Compliant with AORN Guidline for Cleaning and Care of Surgical Instruments (XII)
  • Compliant with laryngoscope manufacturer instructions for testing
  • Keeps blades and handles covered AND allows you to check light functionality
  • Infection Control, Anesthesia, Respiratory and Sterile Processing Approved
  • One size fits all blades - Macs and Millers, sizes 0 to 4
  • Handles covers fit standard, stubby and skinny styles
  • Saves money and time versus peel packs by reducing reprocessing

Laryngoscope Blade Video 


Laryngoscope Handle Video 


Gain a better understanding of the regulatory and compliance issues surrounding laryngoscopes, and learn more about industry accepted best practices:


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Should Laryngoscope Handles be Covered?

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