External Count Sheet Holder System

count-me-out® keeps potentially hazardous ink and foreign particles out of your surgical instrument sets. 

  • Comply with healthcare accepted best practice - get count sheets out of your sets
  • Available for both wrapped sets and containers in multiple sizes
  • Reusable and Single Use versions available
  • Material compatible with STEAM (Paper count sheets not compatible with  STERRAD® or VPro™)
  • Proven and effective solution you can trust


instructions for use available upon request.  (800)548-1004 or (704)225-9500


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Want to learn more about the placemenent of instrument count sheets?

  • External Count Sheet Holders for all applications
  • External Count Sheet Holders for all applications
  • Two sizes available for wrapped sets, single use
  •  Reusable version for containers
  •  Single use version for containers with non-residue adhesive

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